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Keep It Affordable Pricing for Small
The charge for a basic

A professionally designed web site can make your small business look like a large international enterprise. But you should not have to pay "big business" prices. JohTer's pricing is affordable for the modest budgets of small businesses.

There is little uniformity or science in web site designers' pricing. Some charge a flat fee with a "one-size-fits-all approach." Some charge by the hour. Some charge as much as $10,000 - $15,000. Many web site hosting services offer "discounted" web site building services and deliver a site that looks like your high school nephew's homework assignment.

JohTer takes the mystery out of site design pricing, without sacrificing quality or customization.

If you are interested in a site designed by JohTer, Terry Malik of JohTer will discuss your business with you, preferably in person. He will ask questions that permit him to understand the nature of your business, your business plan, your market and your financial targets.

Only after getting to know you and your business, JohTer will present you with a specific written proposal. The proposal will include a description of the site, the elements you may need or request and pricing per item. Working with you, he will refine the proposal to assure that you get a truly customized site. Upon your acceptance of the proposal a modest deposit of $500 is required.

No later than 72 hours after you accept the proposal, Terry will prepare a mock-up or first draft of your site. He will work with you to choose the layout, color scheme, fonts and functionality of the site. If you like it, a second payment of $500 is required. He will then complete the site. The balance of the charges is due once the site is uploaded and operational.

Slide Shows

$50 each

Carousel Shows

$75 each

Full Page Show

$25 each

Animated Features

$25 each

Email from Site


Original Text & Editing
price may vary


Blast Email


Shop on Line
varies with number of items



$10 each

Roll Overs

$25 each

Stock Images

$10 each

Pages exceeding 15

$25 each

Search Engine Optimization
(plus host charges for SEO)


Social Media Links

$25 each

Annual Maintenance
price varies with complexity

$450 to $600

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